Although Google Ads have gained popularity over the years, many companies have not yet taken advantage of their potential to drive high-ticket sales through this advertising channel. High ticket items can be sold more efficiently and more profitably through Google Ads (with a higher ROI) with the right strategy. Here are a few tips to help you sell high ticket items with Google Ads.

Get to Know Your Customer Lifetime Value

When considering Google Ads, companies often wonder how much they should spend. To determine the value of an ad, sellers often consider metrics such as clicks or conversion rates. You will miss out on great opportunities if you do this with high ticket items, even though it works for low and mid-priced items.

Google Ads can be an effective way to sell high-priced goods, but you should focus instead on maximizing your return on investment (ROI). In a month, you may spend $1000 on Google Ads with 1000 clicks and have 1 or 2 people purchase a high-ticket item. There are many sellers who would consider this a failure and give up on their campaign. When you consider that those 2 conversions gave you $5000, it’s actually a win. The more conversions you make with high-ticket items, the more money you’ll make. Rather than focusing on cost per click, focus on your earnings.

Experiment With High Converting Headlines

Your ad campaign’s success depends on testing headlines. With Google Ads A/B testing, you can run more ads, ensure they are effective, spend less, and therefore get a better ROI. How to craft headlines that convert well is the question.

In order to optimize your Ad headlines, you can follow Dr. Robert B. Cialdini’s ‘6 Principles of Influence’. The principles are as follows:

In spite of the fact that you may not be able to apply all these principles to every ad headline or copy, they provide a great starting point when crafting headlines that drive conversions.

Make Your Keywords Count

When choosing keywords for your Google Ads campaign, there are several factors to consider. A lot of business owners look at what their competitors are using as well as the most popular keywords and try to use them or similar keywords. Keywords with high buyer intent (also known as “commercial intent”) are more important when selling high-ticket items.

The search volume for keywords that have strong commercial intent isn’t always high. Especially for big-ticket items, this can be true. Search terms that are more specific are likely to be used by people who are looking to buy an item. 

While not many people search for these terms, those who do are more likely searching with the intention of buying.  As a result, you’ll spend less on your ad campaigns and you’ll have a higher conversion rate.

To get people to your website, you need to have killer ad copy. In the end, it will be your landing page that will convince the visitor to make a purchase. Hence, you must ensure that your landing page converts visitors into customers.

Designing a landing page requires consideration of several factors. An effective landing page should include the following elements:

Use Google Ad Extensions

Google Ad Extensions allow you to add images, additional site links, phone numbers, lead forms, and other content to your ad. You can maximize your ad text and create better-quality ads with ad extensions. As a result, you will be able to share more information and attract more attention while saving money.

You can choose from several types of Google Ad extensions. Among them are:

Implement a retargeting strategy

It is not always the case that people convert on their first visit. Most visitors to your site will not convert on their first visit. People who intend to purchase high-ticket items are likely to consider their decision carefully. It is even possible that they will want to compare your product with other brands or products. A retargeting strategy is therefore essential. With this strategy, you can drive prospective customers back to your site and therefore have another chance to convert them. When each customer is so valuable, this is especially important.

Retargeting visitors can be done using social media platforms such as Facebook and YouTube, display networks, and mobile apps. In order to keep your audience engaged, you need to stay in front of them. You’ll have a chance to convert someone who has already thought about buying from you and has visited your website to see what you have to offer.  Learn more about retargeting here.

Make use of multi-part forms

It can be overwhelming for audiences to fill out forms. When there are a lot of fields to fill out, this is especially true. Filling out a long form is too tedious or time-consuming for many people, discouraging them from converting. Therefore, it is recommended to keep the number of fields to a minimum (3 at most), such as Name, phone number, and email address.

However, this does not mean you cannot capture more information from the visitor. The multi-part form ensures the basic information is captured and that the visitor can provide more details if they wish.


Using Google Ads to sell high ticket items can be extremely profitable for your company, and provides the opportunity to scale quickly.

You can grow your business quickly if you find a combination that works.  Learn how to create a winning Google Ads and digital marketing strategy, get in touch here!

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