Real Estate Video Services

Showcase New Hampshire Properties with Video and Photography

Real Estate Video Services

Video is a powerful tool for real estate agents to use in their businesses. It can be used as an effective way of communicating with customers, advertising properties and greatly enhancing the customer experience on any website or social media pages they visit! Not only will video help boost sales but also make them more memorable which promotes repeat business from same clients-a win/win situation all around?

Video is an incredible tool that can be used to create video content for your company's website in order reach customers at all stages of their buying process. Video has been found out as being the most visible and engaging type media, which means you'll get 157% better organic search results compared with websites without any utilization on this medium– helping generate greater revenue opportunities!

Some Examples of our Real Estate Videos

Short Video Content

Custom thumbnail graphics – Up to 2.5 minutes per video.


Up to 3 video revisions – Up to 2-time edits – Drone Video.


10 or more b-roll video clips – 60 mile travel radius included


1 Videos

Dazzle Potential Buyers

Video can be a powerful tool for increasing revenue in all stages of the buying process. First off, videos are seen by consumers as the most engaging and visible form on content- which means they're going to spend more time watching them than anything else! In addition video has been found again and again that its ability increase organic search rankings significantly increases lead generation rates compared with web pages without any usage at all - literally helping you steal more customers from your competitors.

Video is a fantastic way for real estate companies to answer many of the initial questions potential buyers may have. This will spark their interest and make it more likely that they'll reach out in order learn more about what you offer!

When a video is done correctly, a property can be made especially attractive to buyers.

The Power of Video

Homeowners are 73% more likely to list with a Realtor who uses video when selling their property. Not only does this increase lead generation fourfold, but it also helps agents attract sellers by showcasing the beauty and value of your area!

Drones are an incredible way to take pictures and videos from all sorts of angles, which can be invaluable when it comes time for selling your home. Studies show that drones help increase the chances of getting prospective buyers into Suwanee by 68%. This means you're likely going have more successful sales! A real estate company using aerial photography or videography might see a return on investment as high 270%.

Media Bamboo specializes in high-quality, creative video production that will boost your real estate business. We have years of experience filming and editing videos for all types of properties including homes, condos apartments buildings land dealerships commercial spaces like parking lots, gyms, restaurants, schools, hospitals, retirement communities, doctors' offices, salons, auto centers, laundromats, banks, driveways, gas stations & more!


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