The Benefits of Using Animation for Marketing in Businesses

Marketing has been revolutionized by video. In recent years, it has supplanted traditional methods as the preferred method of marketing. For businesses just getting started, however, this rapid rise to stardom poses a double-edged sword. Even though video marketing is undoubtedly effective, you will be among many businesses using the same approach. How can you make use of such an effective marketing tool while remaining unique and eye-catching?

Let’s get animated. With animation, you can create fresh content while reaping the benefits of video marketing with ease. As animated content continues to grow in popularity, it is a standout tool for marketing.

What is animation marketing?

Video marketing includes a variety of animated content types that are called animation marketing. The purpose of this marketing method is to convey ideas and concepts to an audience, as well as increase traffic and sales for businesses. Music and voice can significantly impact animation marketing, although animation is its primary focus. It can be used for everything from product advertisements to pop-ups to teaser trailers and more. Animation marketing is a tried and tested concept. The popularity of animation in entertainment has been significant, with many YouTube channels devoted to animation gaining a large audience.

Types of animation

It can be difficult to decide which animation marketing approach to use since there are several different approaches. 

There are some types that can work better for your business than others, so it’s worthwhile to research which types are right for you. Several types of animation will be discussed.

Animated explainer videos

In animated explainer videos, animation and text are combined. You can use them to explain what you do to your audience and why they should buy your products or services.

Explainer videos that are animated don’t fit into any particular niche. The only limitation is time, which makes them useful just about anywhere. It is best to keep them short and sweet since they aim to convey information. The ideal length for a video is around a minute, and it should be visually appealing and concise.

2D animations

Despite being a very simple type of video, 2D animation offers a great deal of flexibility. Your 2D animations can be anything from character animations to infographics. Instead of flatly marketing to your audience, use and animation to create a story and inject some emotion.

Be sure to consider alternatives if you wish to achieve more complex animations than 2D animations.

Brand animations

The purpose of brand animations is to show your audience what your business does. It is often the first thing a prospective customer sees. Engaging and eye-catching graphics are important. Keep brand animations short, just as you should keep animated explainer videos short. A concise, minute-long video that covers all the essential points of your business can help with audience retention (assuming it is on your site) and conversions.

Why choose animation marketing?

Let’s move on to the important question – why should you use animation marketing over other options? As with anything marketing-related, there are several factors to consider. Now let’s take a closer look.

Easy on the pocketbook

The cheaper the marketing strategy, the better, because it often means a higher return on investment. It just so happens that animation falls neatly into this category, with the exception of the highest end. There are several ways to approach the creation process, depending on how much you’re willing to spend. If you want to create your own content, you can use widely available software, outsource to a company, or do both. If you hire a professional to create your animations, the costs will still be cheaper than alternatives like live-action videos.

Animation is memorable

A significant reason as to why animation marketing is so successful is that it is much easier to digest and retain information than other methods. This is largely due to animation’s fun and engaging nature, unlike many dry marketing methods. By using animation, you can connect your marketing goals with emotion, stories, music, and memorable visuals. As a result, your audience will associate your brand with something fun and interesting, boosting retention.

Animation has broad appeal

There is no doubt that animation is particularly popular among younger audiences, but that does not mean it is not appealing to older audiences as well. Using animation may well help you reach a broader audience.

The fact that children find few marketing approaches worth their time should come as no surprise. The same is true for a wide range of age demographics. Animation can help you reach a wider audience with your content, making it easier to expand your audience.

Your creativity is the limit

The lack of limitations is one of the most appealing aspects of animation. Any idea you can think up can be animated, no matter how outlandish. Unlike live-action content, which is limited in what it can accomplish, animated content can do almost anything. The more adventurous they are, the higher the costs. For instance, businesses seeking to film elephants in a desert might have difficulty doing so if their offices are located in snowy Alaska. 

By using animation, businesses are able to animate whatever they want, wherever they want. Whether you like it or not, you can create some incredibly unique content by using this tactic. A successful marketing campaign requires something that makes your brand stand out among competitors.

Animation is subtle

An animation marketing campaign’s success depends on storytelling. Writing a masterpiece isn’t necessary. Your audience will be much more likely to enjoy your marketing if you wrap it in a short story with captivating visuals. You will also be able to create marketing videos that are less corporate, less boring, and more likely to resonate with your audience. There is nothing better than an advertisement that doesn’t feel like an advertisement.

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