How to Sell High-Ticket Items on Facebook

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We will help you sell high-ticket items through social media using our proven five-step process. If you use this simple approach, you’ll be able to sell anything people are looking […]

How To Use Google Ads To Sell High Ticket Items

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Although Google Ads have gained popularity over the years, many companies have not yet taken advantage of their potential to drive high-ticket sales through this advertising channel. High ticket items […]

Pay-Per-Click Advertising for High-Ticket Items

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Pay-per-click advertising can drive sales of expensive products for online retailers. These campaigns are often associated with low conversion rates and high cost-per-click. In order to capture the elusive higher […]

How to Rank Higher in Local Search with Google My Business

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​​Google visibility is essential for any business today. The majority of businesses know that optimizing their website and Google Ads is crucial, but many don’t realize there is a third entity that needs to be optimized as well: their Google business listing. A Business Profile is a dynamic snapshot of your business that highlights your best features and enables potential customers to quickly find, learn about, and engage with you right from the SERPs. What’s even better? You can use it for free.