Real estate videography can elevate your brand

Real estate listings reflect the agent or company’s worth in the market directly. Since there are often many properties for sale, many buyers rely on the online browsing experience to narrow down their search results. If buyers click on an online listing without pictures or video, they will bounce off the page and move on to a listing that includes photos and video. You need real estate videography to ensure that your property listing appeals to crucial buyers and is impressive to generate callbacks, resulting in fast sales.

With a revenue of $156.2 billion in 2021, real estate is a cherished sector. Video marketing is essential for the real estate industry as the world rapidly moves toward a digital age dominated by visual information. The video marketing industry is in full swing right now, and its dominance continues to grow. Businesses and end-users alike are feeling the dominance of video content in marketing campaigns, and the real estate industry is no exception.

Real estate agents are responsible for selling, which means persuading people to buy. In spite of the fact that videography is an extremely powerful marketing tool for real estate agents, it is still underutilized. According to the National Association of Realtors Research Group’s 2021 technological survey, about 37% of respondents use video in their marketing strategy, while 27% do not. The remaining 35% say they hope to use it in the future, even if they aren’t using it now.

It’s time for real estate agents who have been putting off video marketing to start investing in premium quality content for each property they list. It is still possible to be an early adopter in this space and overtake competitors who have yet to adopt video marketing.

Now is the time for all real estate marketers to jump on board the video bandwagon. Watch the real estate video marketing statistics in 2021 if you’re still not convinced. Video marketing has proven to be extremely effective in every industry.

Real estate videography statistics

Numbers don’t lie. As a result, all real estate businesses today should enhance their video marketing efforts. While researching new homes, prospective buyers spend a great deal of time on digital channels. Ensure that your content shows up well by making videos.

Engage your viewers with engaging videos and present your properties to their full potential!

You can boost your sales and engagement with real estate video marketing by integrating video ads, testimonial videos, social media videos, and several other videos into your marketing strategy. Here are a few questions you might ask:

How does real estate video marketing work?

Using video marketing to sell real estate is one of the most efficient and effective ways of marketing your property. A virtual tour can be captured with your smartphone, a drone can be used to capture an overall view of the property, or you can use a slideshow to get a more detailed look at the property. It’s hard to show every detail about your property with photos, but videos do it much better.

What are the benefits of making some marketing videos for realtors?

Over the last decade, video marketing has become an integral part of any business sector, especially in real estate. The increase in search results has led to the rapid sale of properties on websites with video content.

How well will it work?

There is no doubt that video marketing for real estate can reach all levels of the sales funnel. Additionally, it can produce incredible search results and page views. Enhancing the visibility of your property listings is one of the most dependable ways to do so.

It is no secret that video is an asset that can be used to sell more properties. There are two things that make video so powerful: its flexibility and its reach. Videos can be placed on websites, email campaigns, social media sites, and YouTube, for example. The fact that you have to make them does not imply that you have to make them twice as hard. To maximize its utility, make it once and then repurpose it.

Not convinced that you need a video to sell your real estate projects? Here are a few more benefits of video marketing for real estate agents.

Why real estate videography is beneficial

You can enhance your lead generation efforts by integrating video into your online marketing strategy. For a video to be an effective real estate marketing tool, you must:

Effectively promote your videos

Let’s take a deep look at how to create the right kind of video for your real estate projects and how to promote them effectively.

Produce videos that are appropriate

It is important to know which types of real estate video content you should create and how to make the right video if you want to create the right kind of real estate video.

Various types of real estate videos

Explore the different types of real estate video content you can create. The genres of real estate videos are similar to those of films. The following are some of the main formats you can choose from:

Listing video

The video is explicitly intended to accompany the listing of a specific property. It should include an overview of the property or a guided tour of its rooms, as well as additional information, such as an address, agent contact information, and size. You can enhance the video quality by using aerial footage, background music, stock footage, textual overlays, and virtual reality.

Testimonial video

Video testimonials feature testimonials from the previous buyer or seller of the real estate agent or local business people, or any individual of interest. You should include a well-edited, helpful testimonial with a positive tone, as well as a testimonial that feels genuine. 

To increase the video quality, you can add Q&A sessions and internal and aerial clips of the property.

Agency introduction video

Basically, it is a video that introduces the real estate agency, how they operate, and where they operate, as well as why buyers and sellers should work with them. It is important to include a professional introduction and provide the potential audience with all the necessary information on what makes them different from their competitors and why they should consider contacting them.

Expert videos

Real estate agents can stand out from their competitors with a video that showcases their expertise. In this case, your main goal is to highlight all the aspects that will make you knowledgeable in your field and provide your audience with all the reasons to choose your company over your competition.

Advice video

This video shows a real estate agent providing guidance to buyers and sellers on navigating real estate transactions. Answers to some of the most common questions should be included, as well as relevant solutions to a range of problems. If you want to increase the quality of your video, you can include graphics and viewer-submitted questions. The process of purchasing and selling a home is not easy, for instance. When to sell the house, how to generate a standout deal, which mortgage lender to use, etc., are all complications. Such issues can be effectively addressed through a real estate advice video. Making a video that provides detailed guidance on how to prepare an offer that gets recognized for any hot property listing is one example.

Guided tour video

When you are trying to get more exclusive listings, a guided tour video will assist you in getting some potential buyers as well as getting the attention of some prospective sellers. The fact is that a virtual tour makes it very easy for all potential buyers and renters to get a good idea of the property that you are advertising. Additionally, it allows you to show your audience how nicely you can promote a particular property.

Educational video

The popularity of educational real estate videos is also increasing as online and social media platforms encourage videos. Buying or selling a house is an overwhelming experience for most customers, and they will unavoidably have questions about the whole process. Creating educational content enables you to respond to their questions in a way that is engaging, highly organized, and easy to understand. It is essential for those who wish to establish their reputation and authority in the market to have this kind of video. You can establish yourself as a real estate expert when you are able to answer buyer and seller questions. Additionally, it is one of the best methods for generating quality leads on YouTube, Instagram, and other social media platforms.

Appeal to new prospects with perfect real estate videos

Using video, how can you beat your competitors? Here are a few tips you need to follow for creating the best real estate videos:

Have a basic idea

You must have a video plan in place before investing in video. It involves what kind of video you want to create, how long the video will take, and who will gain the most from the video. Before you begin, make sure you have the answers to the following questions:

Your video can be made once you have the answers to these questions.

Make use of the most potent medium for video marketing – YouTube

YouTube is one of the best places to host your video content online for various reasons. YouTube is owned by Google, which is the second most popular search engine in the world. In addition to being highly reliable for streaming video, it is also highly secure. Video content is also quite harder to create than written content, so Google weighs it differently when ranking web pages.

Create the best quality video

Making sure your videos are of the highest quality is crucial to video marketing success. Some might encourage you to jump right into video production without worrying much about quality. While this may be true for some instances, such as when sending video voicemails or one-to-one interactions, in the real estate industry, all marketing videos must look perfect and polished. There is a strong aesthetic component to the real estate industry. Getting a property off the market is difficult when it doesn’t look appealing.

Share about you in-depth in your brand explainer videos

Creating an introduction video is a great place to start your real estate videos. Describe why you are passionate about real estate and how you started your business. Video clips should include properties from your primary market to give an idea of what you do. You can include shots of the surrounding community if you choose to film the office outside.

Plan well ahead of time

A real estate videography strategy is not something you can pick up off the cuff and execute quickly. It will take time to plan what kind of videos you will create, how you will film and edit them, and where you will post them.

Make sure you strategize properly before diving into video making. Recognize what videos you need and what videos you want. Try to find out how to arrange for the production of those videos. The last step is to develop a detailed plan for promoting your videos. Be careful not to get overwhelmed. It helps to plan in advance so that all components can be brought together within a certain time frame. Prepare a plan for achieving your video goals after conducting some research and meeting with your team.

Short videos help in getting more views

Videos for real estate listings should be entertaining and should not take up a great deal of time. A two-minute video is more effective for engaging viewers, according to research.

Make use of the 360-degree videos

It is very difficult to show off the beauty of any physical product online on a two-dimensional surface. Real estate requires the capture of large, multidimensional faces, so standard video is not sufficient. Here’s where 360-degree videos can be useful. Your audience can make a tour of the space without removing their shoes with such a video experience. In order to create a video like this, you will need the assistance of a professional real estate videographer.

Sell location and lifestyle other than your property

Real estate marketers must think beyond the property when marketing their properties. In addition to the features of the property, it is important to consider the location of the property. Your videos should include details about the location and lifestyle. In lieu of a single house, it gives viewers a better idea of the region they will live in.

Optimize videos for search engines

Real estate videos should be optimized for SEO, just like other content formats. Creating videos that target all key aspects will help you rank higher in local search results. 

Using hashtags can help you accomplish this. In social media videos, hashtags (#) are used to attract the correct audience. People who search those terms will be directed to the appropriate videos when #affordablecottages or #realestate tags are added to the video description.

Are you aware that you can include lead capture forms in your videos? Because of this, after clarifying the service value in a clear and concise manner, you can easily acquire leads on the spot. With nurture-savvy video clips, you can easily convert leads into clients.

Add your agency contact information at the start and end of every video

In the introduction and conclusion of your video, include all necessary contact information, including your phone number and email address. Additionally, you can include a link to the “contact us” page, streamlining the lead generation process.

Make use of hook titles

Don’t forget to use hook titles when uploading videos to YouTube. These titles can act as clickbait tags to attract viewers to those videos. Once that’s done, the video content will take care of the rest. Hence, the script should take these factors into account.

Share videos for specific lead segments on markedly created pages

All your videos should have their own landing page. Real estate agents should use them to clearly communicate their value proposition. Keeping these videos brief and entertaining is the best way to go. Make sure these videos encourage viewers to take action on the landing page as their next step.

Generate a promotional video that gives an introduction to your business

It is still important to make videos that promote your services, even though your audience demands videos that address their interests, questions, and requirements. A high-quality introductory video can be included on the homepage of your website to provide your visitors with a lively and visually appealing way to learn more about your company. Provide viewers with a short video that motivates them to explore more about your website, your services, and the region where you specialize.

Offer video tours of your properties that are famous in the market

In addition to learning about you and your services, prospects want to see all the details about the properties you offer. Videos get more inquiries than listings without videos, so it’s worth shooting footage of your listings.

Make a series of small advice videos featuring some quick tips

Describe the written content of your website along with commonly asked questions that you have been asked by your prospects, and then answer these questions in the video. Film these videos casually, whether in your car, office, or wherever you feel comfortable. You should share the necessary knowledge with your prospects to inform and ease their minds.

Create an advertising budget so that you can expand your video awareness

Digital advertisements can be created from the video content you create. YouTube and Facebook engagement rates indicate that your audiences prefer videos at first. Then you can also try your hand at paid platforms like Facebook Ads or Google Adwords to ensure that your ads are being seen by audiences who are likely to become clients.

With an understanding of various kinds of real estate videos and essential tips, you are ready to move on to the next section.

How to promote your videos effectively?

When you’ve finished putting together your real estate video, the properties look great, the seller is satisfied, and you’re ready to list online, you need to know how to effectively promote your video. What are the best ways to ensure that your video is seen by the right audience? You can promote your videos in the following ways to get the best results:

Ensure that your real estate marketing video is uploaded anywhere you have listed your properties.

Social media platforms like Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn are great places to share your videos. If you don’t already have a professional social media page, create one now. Using them will help you promote your videos and reach a wider audience.

Your video can include QR links: Showing off your property is not limited to the internet. QR codes are now a commonplace part of everyday life. On print materials, signboards, and press ads, you can include a QR code that links to your video. Through several websites, QR codes can be created easily.

Add share buttons to your real estate marketing videos: Share buttons make it easy for others to share your videos. People are more likely to share things that are easy to share, and eventually, it’s easy to gain more viewers.

Invest in an authentic real estate videographer: If you make and promote your real estate videos yourself, you may save money in the short term, but it might cost you in the long run. The following are some of the primary reasons why you should hire a professional videographer:

Use all of these essential tips to boost the efficiency of your property marketing campaign and promote your real estate marketing videos. Your video will have a greater chance of generating more leads the more people see it. Thus, a high selling price is more likely to be achieved.

Stand out and sell more with good real estate videography

Real estate videography can help you stand out from other realtors, connect with good home sellers and buyers, and sell more properties. As a result, real estate video marketing is gaining popularity, and the sector does not seem to be waning. Assume you are a real estate agent/marketer/seller looking to develop a strong connection with potential buyers. It’s time for your brand to create a video marketing strategy for real estate.

As more and more users rely on video, real estate videography is a necessity rather than a choice. Due to its high versatility, there are many options for making videos that fit your brand and personality. Using the above knowledge and tips, you can quickly establish a video marketing strategy to generate more leads.

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